Thank you to these amazing clients who were willing to share a bit of their coaching journey with others


"I have recently started my Bowen Therapy business and struggled to maintain my energy levels with work. This has been a life long struggle for me. I have had various therapies and workshops but it didn't seem to shift things enough to create a viable business with my skills.

Receiving Resilience Coaching from Christina has been life changing so far. In a relatively short time she guided me to identify my road blocks, and worked with me to address these bit by bit with patience and compassion. What seemed like a mountain, became a series of small hills.

It has been incredibly helpful to have somebody with Christina's skill set, and depths of understanding to help me navigate the seemingly hard path towards a sustainable business. She worked with me on my individual needs until I found my own answers.

It was also great to have someone to be accountable to and check progress with. All the changes made are easily maintained and my business has grown, but also I have grown as a person! I highly recommend her service to anyone struggling, feeling stuck with any life challenge." Argnesh Rose

" I resonated towards Christina instantly when I first met her. Her compassionate and empathic nature made it easy to feel comfortable.  She  allowed me to speak freely without judgement.  Her empathy and kindness of understanding coupled with her wise and clear direction to understanding has given me so much more clarity.  I find I walk away from the sessions with love in my heart, clarity of mind and a sense of calm.  

I have found I am gaining a better sense of order but still relapse.  Even though these relapses occur the little Christy Angel voice appears and nudges  me back onto the path. I think the guidance and self-realisations that occur in the sessions have instilled mental cues and new neural pathways to fire off in my mind. 

I love her gentle approach, soft calming voice and kind heart. I like how I do the work without realising at the time as she assists to passively promote a nurturing process within. 

I am beginning to feel freer from my subconscious to live a more conscious and aware life."

Update: " Christy's understanding of my need to find resolve in my hesitation for change in a career path long known to me, was guided by her gentle approach for me to question and answer myself with honesty as to why I held these subconscious fears to change. I have learnt so much about myself from this. The results have been amazing and beyond my expectation.

Finally I am on my path to my new journey. I have found this whole experience to have not only reflected change in my career but also in myself and the way I view the world around me. I finally have a new awareness and appreciation for self growth and change. I now feel confident to embrace this and walk forward with pride, confidence and a knowing". --  Jenni Pawlik

"The issues I was hoping to address through coaching were all related to low confidence & self esteem.

My experience during the sessions were that they were relaxed & open. I felt I could really open up and get to the base my issues without stress. Christina made me feel at ease & I didn’t have worry about saying the wrong thing. There are no right or wrong answers. She would have to be the most positive person I have ever met, after a session you can't help but feel good about yourself. She exudes positive energy.

Since working with Christina I have learnt many strategies that I have been able to put in place to help with my confidence. I have seen improvement in my self esteem which has been lacking for many years. I am putting myself in more social situations which I would have normally shied away from in the past. The most important thing people should know about working with Christina is that no problem is too big if you are prepared to take on your issues. I would most definitely be recommending the sessions/ coaching to others."

Update:  "Since starting my Life Coaching Sessions with Christina my Confidence has improved dramatically in all areas of my life but particularly in relation to my career. Before coaching I was hesitant about my future & not able to take positive steps to improve my situation. I am now at a place where I am happy with my career & am taking proactive steps to increase my work based knowledge. Without Christina's help I would not be in the positive position I am today." -Ben Henderson.

"Having not known what to expect I was surprised at how easily you were able to guide me to the most prevalent issues currently being faced in my life and you encouraged me to keep an open mind. Following our sessions I now have a new career direction and you encouraged me to take action, that first step and ensured that I was accountable to myself. You did this without pushing but with empathy and openness. I have also made changes in my family and personal life particularly with my health. At no stage did I feel uncomfortable and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I would recommend your sessions to anyone that is having issues with purpose, feeling stagnant or like there is something missing in your life. Thanks again!" --Trent Lynwood

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