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Specialty Areas

I am happy to work on a wide range of life coaching focus areas. However, I believe that we coach best what we know well. When we have a deep understanding, based on personal experience, of the specific challenges individuals face, we are in the ideal position to offer assistance. To learn a bit more more about my own journey click here.

Some of my specialty areas include:

chronic illness/ health crisis/ stress/burnout

(Possible focus areas: overcoming fear, empowering perspectives, self-love,  self-care, new career path, lifestyle changes)

Facing life’s challenges with a healthy mind and body can be difficult, but when an illness is added into the equation life’s challenges are likely  to feel overwhelming, and sometimes even insurmountable. A health crisis  inevitably brings about major lifestyle changes. Fears, frustrations, a sense of loss, and distress naturally surface when we face a devastating change that we feel we didn’t choose or want.

However, when we are able to muster up the courage to face ourselves head on, to examine our life in a deeper way, to connect with our inner wisdom and power, we will inevitably discover the gifts hidden within our circumstances. When we choose to take control of our life and work to develop tools, approaches and perspectives that allow us to access the deeper levels of our being, we will discover that regardless of our situation, we always have the power to live a life in alignment with our dreams.

sensitives/ empaths/ spiritual-awakening

(Possible focus areas: confidence, self-love, inner strength, boundaries, energy field management, grounding, life purpose, enhanced soul connection)

According to experts like Elaine Aron Ph.D (author of The Highly Sensitive Person), twenty percent of people can be classified as highly sensitive, or empathic. Those of us who identify with the labels listed above tend to feel more intensely than what is considered typical. When the world is geared towards the majority, who seem to have an innate ability to filter out the subtleties of being, moving through the world can feel overwhelming, confusing and even debilitating.

Similarly those of us who awaken to the deeper aspects of reality often find ourselves dissatisfied with a life not built in alignment with our heart and soul. Influenced by energies in our environment that others seem oblivious to, it can feel as though we're caught between two worlds. Attempting to integrate an awareness of our multi-dimentional nature in a society that offers little support can leave us feeling isolated and at a loss as to how to move forward.

However, by learning to connect with our inner spark, adopting practices and tools that help us to manage anxiety, increase our confidence, manage our energy fields, and build resilience, we can stop holding ourselves back and start living the deep and meaningful life we were meant to.

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