I recently created this resource to assist with interaction on the internet. Following this chart will help insure we contribute positively rather than furthering the divide between people.

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Bring your heart back online

24.99 AUD

Includes 3 x Guided Meditation Journeys and Instructional PDF

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This is a series of three guided meditations (+ Instructional PDF) designed to assist you to connect with, activate, and heal your heart space.

For too long the heart space has been neglected. In a world dominated by masculine energy, in which rationality reigns, the realm of the heart has largely been forgotten. This inattention has been damaging at both an individual and collective level because it is through our hearts that we feel our connection to the world around us. A heart is like a a soothing balm, a guidance system, a sacred portal, and a dream attractor all rolled into one.

Most of us have wounded hearts that do not operate at full capacity, but we are so busy trying to deal with life’s challenges that we don’t even think about, or even know how to begin healing these sacred internal power centers.

This series of meditations can be used as a tool to initiate and support heart healing.

Each meditation is designed to be powerful, yet extremely gentle, just like loving heart energy. Nothing is forced or pushed in these meditations. Relaxation, openness, patience, and trust are key to allowing a heart to blossom like a flower.

When our hearts are open we are better able to feel our connection to others and the universe; to connect with our inner wisdom; to process and release negativity; and to operate from a space of love. The more awareness we bring to our heart centre the more we are able to connect to this powerful and mysterious realm.

Reconnect Creativity Course

Whether you are an entrepreneur, professional, student, home-maker, or work in creative industries, this course will help you bring a new dimension to everything you do!

The more we connect with our deep creative source and weave its magic into our personal world the more fun, vibrant and exciting our lives become.

In this course we will explore tools and strategies to reconnect with, and nurture, this creative spark so that it can shine out and light up all aspects of our lives.

What you will get:

•A beautiful PDF that you can keep for all time (Including 6 sections).

•All the high quality information you need to make radical creative improvements to your life.

•A balanced approach that draws on both sides of the brain to ensure that not only do we learn to spread our creative wings and soar, but also how to ‘ground’ the gifts from the ethereal realms into everyday reality.

•Loads of creative exercises designed to develop and hone your creative skills.

•The entire course in one easy to use folder that allows you to progress at a pace that is perfect for you and your lifestyle.

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