Inner Trance-formation


Deep Hypnosis


Exciting News

I will soon be offering these sessions online. Please feel free to get in touch if you want to be notified immediately when sessions are available!

Inner Trance-formation Journey

Using Deep Hypnosis (BQH)

A Potent Experience in multi-Dimensional Self-Healing

Let yourself be guided down to the deep, sacred inner levels where you can experience a profound transformational journey perfectly attuned to your own unique needs. In this expanded state of consciousness visions and impressions unfold in the mind’s eye, revealing deep truths and personal insights that can assist us to better understand ourselves and our current life path.   

This state provides us with direct access to our deep knowing and plainly reveals wisdom and solutions that bring more soul alignment to our life. As well, blocks and perspectives that hinder our growth and impede our flow, will surface in this state so that they can be healed and released. 

Though you will be accessing unconscious information you will be fully conscious of what you are experiencing, in fact many describe this state as super-conscious.

The beauty of this modality is that is highly personal and internally driven. Once I guide you gently into this mysterious space of deep knowing, I step back and allow you to lead the way. Throughout the entire journey my voice follows you, ensuring that you are fully supported. I ask questions that assist you to see alternative perspectives and uncover new understanding, but I will never push you or try to shape your experience. I believe you are the expert on you!

What I love about this healing modality is that it allows such deep and direct connection to our inner knowing that healing outcomes, that could otherwise take months or even years to uncover, can be accessed in one powerful session.

What do people experience?

Each journey is completely unique.

  • Some people’s journeys are highly metaphorical. In this type of session stories and symbols will manifest in the clients awareness. These stories and symbols will be loaded with keys that provide deep personal insight and understanding.
  • Some people will experience significant slices of past, future, or parallel lives that assist them to understand current life patterns and blocks.
  • Some people will experience aspects of their wider galactic story that assists them to access celestial gifts and attune to their highest expression of being.

Often sessions will combine aspects of all the above.

What are some reasons people seek these session?

People come for a session for a multitude of reasons which include, but are not limited to:
• Better understanding of self and their life journey
• Identify and release lifelong patterns and blocks
• Reconnect with, and integrate lost and fragmented aspects of self
• Uncover or clarify their life purpose and specific missions
• Strengthen their connection and ability to communicate with their higher self, guides, and the Universe
• Embody more of their soul-self energy
• Uncover or gain deeper insight into the energetic root cause of specific health challenges and work towards resolving them.
• Spiritual Origins and Goals- What is your galactic history, what is your star ancestry, what other incarnations have you experienced and how are they affecting the spiritual path you are on now?

How often do people have sessions?

Some people will find one session is all they need to bring more alignment to their life. Others may find this deep exploration so valuable that a session every couple of months suits them. While still others may find a yearly session perfect for ensuring they are on track. It is totally up to the individual!


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy was created by Delores Cannon as a means to guide people way beyond everyday conscious awareness, to the deep inner realms. In this expansive state people were able to access information and healing that facilitated great shifts in their lives. This modality, while incredibly valuable, has certain protocols to be adhered to that some facilitators found limiting and not conducive to changing times and consciousness. Thus Candace Craw Goldman, a QHHT practitioner for more than 10 years who worked closely with Delores Cannon, created Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)a new updated version of the modality. The sessions I offer are based on my BHQ training.

"I'm writing this a few days later and it feels like i have been switched back on again and reconnected to myself, the synchronicity I’m experiencing is very powerful and empowering." Lucas Nicholson

"I had an incredibly deep experience, with revelations about my own history I didn't know before.... I would highly recommend this safe, deep and profound healing technique to anyone who is curious and open minded." Argnesh Rose

"I was surprised by what came forward, my higher self knew what I needed, which was actually quite different from my initial intention but afterwards of course made perfect sense, and thankfully Christina expertly and intuitively allowed that process to unfold for my highest good."--Kate Hotson

"Profound, deeply healing. Her guidance was so valuable and her manner very caring. The language of everyday life is insufficient, for we had crossed over to other states of reality, or they had come to us."  ---Matt