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" I remembered bursting into tears when we went to the first portal because I was finally allowed to leave for a while and become my multidimensional self" .read more

"My Inner Trance-formation Journey was the one of the best healing and assurances that I have received in my life." read more

I am in Australia and hold BQH sessions with people all over the world.

"Even though Christina and I reside on opposite sides of the Earth, she was able to lead me into the deepest parts of my subconscious where we received amazing information not only about my journey and purpose in this life, but outstanding knowledge from the higher realms about the great awakening happening at this time to the collective of this world." Christy Litster read more

Inner Trance-formation Journey

Using BQH Hypnosis

A Potent Experience in multi-Dimensional Self-Healing

and self-Discovery

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What are BQH Deep Trance-formation journeys?

BQH sessions:  Inner trance-formation journeys are a way to access information that is not usually available. Soothing hypnosis is used to bring the participant to a deep expanded state of consciousness in which ego, filters, and the analytic mind no longer dominate perception. In this lucid state a unique journey unfolds within the participant’s awareness.

As a BQH practitioner I am continually blown away by the exquisite, creative ways a person’s higher self orchestrates these journeys. BQH hypnosis sessions lead people into experiences that allow them to shift blocks and limiting beliefs; to understand their life patterns, relationship dynamics, and their life purpose; and ultimately provides them with a powerful sense of clarity, assurance, and deeper self-awareness.

Let yourself be guided down to the deep, sacred inner levels where you can experience a profound transformational journey perfectly attuned to your own unique needs. In this expanded state of consciousness we can access layers of reality that usually exist beyond conscious awareness. In BQH sessions visions and impressions unfold in the mind’s eye, revealing deep truths and personal insights that can assist us to better understand ourselves and our current life path.   

This state provides us with direct access to our deep knowing and reveals wisdom and solutions that bring more soul alignment to our life. As well, blocks and perspectives that hinder our growth and impede our flow, will surface in this state so that they can be healed and released. 

Though you will be accessing unconscious information you will be fully conscious of what you are experiencing, in fact many describe this state as super-conscious.

The beauty of this modality is that is highly personal and internally driven. Once I guide you gently into this mysterious space of deep knowing, I step back and allow you to lead the way. Throughout the entire journey my voice follows you, ensuring that you are fully supported. I ask questions that assist you to see alternative perspectives and uncover new understanding, but I will never push you or try to shape your experience. I believe you are the expert on you!

What I love about this healing modality is that it allows such deep and direct connection to our inner knowing that healing outcomes, that could otherwise take months or even years to uncover, can be accessed in one powerful BQH session.

What do people experience?

Each journey is completely unique.

  • Some people’s journeys are highly metaphorical. In this type of session stories and symbols will manifest in the clients awareness. These stories and symbols will be loaded with keys that provide deep personal insight and understanding.
  • Some people will experience significant slices of past lives, future lives, or parallel lives that assist them to understand current life patterns and blocks
  • Some people meet with their guides, angels, or soul family and receive guidance
  • Some people will experience aspects of their wider galactic story that assists them to access celestial gifts and attune to their highest expression of being.

Often sessions will combine aspects of all the above.

What are some reasons people seek these session?

People come for a session for a multitude of reasons which include, but are not limited to:
• Better understanding of self and their life journey
• Identify and release lifelong patterns and blocks
• Reconnect with, and integrate lost and fragmented aspects of self
• Uncover or clarify their life purpose and specific missions
• Strengthen their connection and ability to communicate with their higher self, guides, and the Universe
• Embody more of their soul-self energy
• Uncover or gain deeper insight into the energetic root cause of specific health challenges and work towards resolving them.
• Spiritual Origins and Goals- What is your galactic history, what is your star ancestry, what other incarnations have you experienced and how are they affecting the spiritual path you are on now?

How often do people have sessions?

Some people will find one session is all they need to bring more alignment to their life. Others may find this deep exploration so valuable that they are eager to commit to a series of sessions. While still others may find a yearly session perfect for ensuring they are on track. It is totally up to the individual!


Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is a form of deep trance work inspired by Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT).  QHHT was created by Dolores Cannon as a means to guide people beyond everyday conscious awareness, to the deep inner realms. In this expansive state people were able to access information and healing that facilitated great shifts in their lives. 

in 2018 Candace Craw Goldman, a QHHT practitioner for more than 10 years who worked closely with Delores Cannon, created Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) an organic form of quantum healing.

Beyond Quantum healing differs from Dolores' QHHTmethod in that it is a completely client driven process. The client is guided down to the deep inner realm and asked to describe the very first image or impression that appears before them. From there the magical healing journey, orchestrated by the client's deep wise self, unfolds. Because there is no road map as to where the client is led, the practitioner is required to rely on their intuition for guidance and most importantly, to trust the clients’ own process.

The sessions I offer are based on my BHQ training.

BQH practitioner

"I have become a more expanded version of myself. It was peaceful, informative and liberating. Anyone that has ever thought of unraveling the mysteries of themselves to aid healing and higher conscious awareness I highly recommend you attend a session. Thanks once again Christina. You are a gifted healer." --Mark Robson

"I'm writing this a few days later and it feels like i have been switched back on again and reconnected to myself, the synchronicity I’m experiencing is very powerful and empowering." --Lucas Nicholson

"Thank you so much for this important journey into my heart centre which helped me release unhelpful programming and shift into a more loving, opened-hearted and joyful way of being. I would really recommend this profound experience to everyone wanting to become more in line with their true self!" --Alex Halstead

"Profound, deeply healing. Her guidance was so valuable and her manner very caring. The language of everyday life is insufficient, for we had crossed over to other states of reality, or they had come to us." ---Matt Schreck

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All sessions available online or in person.

Please note that when conducted online, the Full Session is typicallydone in 2 parts.

(1.5 hours interview, questions and intention setting)

(2.5 hours Deep Trance Work)

If you feel drawn to a sessions but are experiencing financial hardship please get in contact and we will work something out.

Full session with followup

BQH hypnosis session

Permission to fully expand

In these sessions there is a beautiful sense of spaciousness that gives you the opportunity to open fully to your journey.

The first part of the session begins with a personal discussion that allows for deep sharing. This opportunity to explore life themes, patterns, blocks etc, provides a backdrop for the session and creates much clarity and insight. You are encouraged to share what feels right and comfortable for you.

We will then work together to create an overall intention that fully resonates with your aims for the journey. This intention acts like a guidepost to ensure the session remains on track.

In the second part, after a short, simple ceremony, you relax as I align our energies, our hearts and minds, and then guide you to the quantum field where your beautiful, unique journey will unfold.

You will receive an audio recording of your journey afterwards.

1h  follow up session

This package includes the full expansive session as well as a follow up coaching session (can be done on phone) to help you to integrate the deep information gained through the session into your everyday life.

We will work together to explore your session content,  unpack symbolism, identify themes and key guidance,  and implement strategies to apply them to your everyday life.

Duration: Up to 4 hours + 1 hour follow up (total approx5 hours)
Cost: $315 AUD  (Aprox $217 USD)

BQH hypnosis

Full Session --You know the way

Full session four hour session (see  details above), with no follow up. This is the ideal session for those who feel confident in their ability to interpret and apply the wisdom and guidance that comes through the session without assistance.

Duration: Up to 4 hours
Cost: $255 AUD (Aprox $175USD)

Quantum Leap -- Next Level

This package contains 3 BQH hypnosis sessions (up to 4 hours each including prep) and 3 hours one on one coaching. It is recommended for those who have done a full session and are ready to commit to taking their life journey to the next level (if you feel called it is fine to start with this pack). Committing to to a series of sessions allows for the higher energies to orchestrate sessions in a way that discoveries and personal insights progress with each session. A minimum of 2 weeks between hypnosis sessions is recommended to process and integrate the high frequency information that comes through.

Cost: $920 (Aprox $635 USD)

BQH hypnosis

Full Session plus Three coaching sessions

This package includes the full expansive session as well as 3 follow up coaching sessions (can be done on phone) to help you to integrate the deep information gained through the session into your everyday life.

We will work together to explore your session content,  unpack symbolism, identify themes and key guidance,  and implement strategies to apply them to your everyday life.

This package allows us to deep dive into the session content with plenty of time to explore ways to successfully integrate the guidance into everyday life.

Cost: $420 AUD (Aprox $289 USD)

BQH hypnosis

Follow up Session: I’m ready to uncover more

These session are designed for those who have completed the full session. Because our connection has previously been established and much of the background information shared, the session can fit in a smaller time frame.

Duration: up to 3 hours
Cost: $215 AUD (Aprox $148 USD)

BQH hypnosis

Mini session: Enjoy a taste of the depth

This session allows the client to take a dip into their deep waters and get a taste of the deep wisdom they contain within. It is suitable for those who have completed the full session and just want to explore a specific issue.

Duration 2 hours
Cost: $165 AUD

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