Wisdom From

the Collective


Wisdom from the Collective

Sourced from Deep Trance-formation BQH sessions

--Sept 19

While each BQH journey is orchestrated by the client’s higher-self, to bring forth experiences that assist them to better understand their personal reality, there is always some fascinating imagery and information that comes through in the deep expanded trance state that has collective significance. 

There are some clients, who I’ll call the conscious ground crew, who are very awake and in tune with their higher purpose. Their sessions tend not to be metaphorical. They usually drop very quickly into the experience, where they discover a being or groups waiting for them. These beings usually have very specific and detailed information to relay. Sometimes these meetings take place on ships, in temples, or beautiful nature spots. 

I have had quite a few of these information rich sessions recently and though each session is completely unique, there are some definite clear trends.

 Basically most of these aware sources report we are right in the transition now, and as reality returns to a higher order, life is going to feel quite wobbly. Those of us who feel called need to be pillars of light through this next stage of our transformation.

 One client described this coming period as a collective dark night of the soul. It is already lapping on the edges of our reality, and I suspect most in the forefront will have clearly perceived the rumbles of the coming chaos. We can unmistakably see the glossy façade of mainstream reality cracking as some of the deep ugliness seeps into general awareness. It is truly time for all that has been allowed to fester in the dark to rise to the surface. This web of darkness is compartmentalised, but unified (this is why it has been able to so effectively operate in the shadows). Therefore when one strand of this dark network is exposed and extricated, the rest will quickly follow. When fully exposed, the extent of this information will rock the foundations of our reality.

 This is of course a necessary stage in the shifting from a fear based reality to a love based one. It has been a long time coming. Only through purging and healing from the foundations up, will we be able to create a reality fully grounded in love. 

 One client had a particularly intriguing perspective of what is unfolding. She found herself in what she described as an energetic city. Visually it appeared like an empty black space, but as she settled in she became aware of beings rushing all around her. There was a sense of incredible acceleration and excitement! When she began to communicate with some of the beings she discovered that they were working to collect samples of every single energy imprint. These samples were being returned to their divine order. Like a mini-puzzle, everything had its rightful place. Once in position the newly unified divine frequency pattern would be sent out into the universe. Everything in its wake would be affected by the resonance and restored to a state of harmony. They explained to her that there was no wrong or bad energy, just energy that was distorted because it wasn’t in the right place. Like a Rubik’s cube, everything is about to shift into its rightful position. Initially this process of correction will appear chaotic, but as the higher divine order begins to emerge this same process will begin to feel incredibly magical and exciting.

 Several of the beings who come through in sessions stated that they know that many Starseeds are not coping. The struggle is real. They urge us all to stand firm and trust the process. It was stated that, while this tumultuous period will be intense, it will be swift. (Though it might be worth mentioning that these eternal beings tend to have quite a different interpretation of time…insert nervous laugh).

 Fortunately we are divinely supported and much loving guidance has come through in terms of how best to prepare for this period of collective challenge.

 Some keys are:

 Do the inner work. The more we have healed and integrated our own shadows, the less triggered we will feel by the appearance of collective shadows in the outside world.

 The heart is our sanctuary. No matter how bumpy and wobbly things get outside, our hearts will always be calm and soothing shelters that we can retreat to. The better we are at connecting and operating from our hearts, the more smoothly we will traverse these choppy collective waters.

 It is incredibly important to focus on being the best version of ourselves. The more we can step into our power, hold our centre, and shine, the more stable we will be, and the better positioned we will be to be a calm presence within the upheaval.

 We are being tested in smaller ways right now, and until the full extent of the turmoil hits. It is important not to get discouraged by approaching bumps, instead we can use these challenges to practice remaining calm and centred.

 When we are heart focused we can remain detached, not a cold detachment that comes with disconnection, but lovingly detached. This detachment comes from being so connected to ALL through the heart that it becomes easy to let go, trust, and allow changes to happen without getting caught up in the fear of the unknown. A playful approach will offer a lighter perspective.

 Choose wisely where we focus our energy. It we focus on all that is crumbling we will definitely be in for a bumpy ride. If instead we focus on love and that which we want to see thrive, we will be nurturing the emerging new reality, and this will feel satisfying and exciting.

 Grounding will also be crucial to remaining stable. Huge waves of transformative energies are coming through. This high frequency energy is stirring up the lower density energy so that it can be released and transformed. The more we are able to allow this energy to flow through us, the more comfortable we will feel. Get out in nature, let your bare feet touch the ground, and pay attention to maintaining a healthy and vibrant energetic field.

With deep love and gratitude 

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     Wisdom from the Collective

Sourced from Deep Trance-formation BQH sessions.

July 19

I’m excited to share this trend that has been coming through in clients’ sessions! While each journey is orchestrated by the client’s higher-self, bringing forth experiences that assist them to better understand their personal reality, there have been several gorgeous scenes coming through in the deep expanded trance state that share some intriguing commonalities.

 This trend involves a part of the session in which the clients experience a version of reality that feels ideal. They describe a landscape that appears similar to Earth except the light is distinctly brighter, often colours are more intense, and the horizon much more expansive. The land feels healthy and alive. There is no pollution, everything is pristine.

 In this ideal reality people feel whole, free, happy, and in harmony with all. Because people are complete within themselves they don’t feel any inclination to influence, or manipulate anyone else. They feel intimately connected with, and supported by nature. Communication happens telepathically and not just between people; communion with animals and plants occurs as well. No one is burdened by fear. There is a sense of playfulness and ease, with manifestation flowing naturally and effortlessly.

 One client, when asked what they did for fun, or how they played in this reality, answered, “Well, I guess on Earth we would call it magic, but here it’s normal.” She explained that form is more fluid in this space and she and the other inhabitants could, for example, transform into birds and fly.

 Though most are unsure of the location of this reality, there is a deep sense of familiarity. With clients making statements like: “this feels like my true home”, or “It feels more real than Earth, almost hyper real.” When asked where this world was located speculation included ancient Earth civilizations (before the fall/ arrival of dark density), future Earth, different timelines, or alternate dimensions.

 So the question is, why are these experiences coming through in people’s sessions right now? I feel the answer, like most things in BQH, is multi-layered.

 One client’s higher self explained in no uncertain terms that part of why she is here on Earth right now is because she carries the frequency of this pure reality as part of her energy signature. From this expanded state she explained that many beings are here on the planet right now because of the frequency they carry within. She stated that by holding this heavenly frequency, she and many others were helping guide Gaia and her inhabitants to shift out of the harsh density, towards a lighter, higher frequency of being.

 I believe that for a long time it was enough to hold this frequency at an unconscious level, but now as we are further along in this process of shifting into a new higher frequency paradigm, it is time to bring this to the surface. As, the more this ideal expression enters conscious awareness, the more it will influence surrounding vibrations.

 Also at a collective level I feel this phenomenon is indicative of the fact that the veil is getting thinner. We have much more access right now to the multi-verse we are all connected to within. More and more people are waking up and remembering aspects of their deeper selves. We are becoming multi-dimensional beings!

 On an individual level, this experience brings an ideal version of self in to awareness: a divine blueprint, free from distortion. This version is a more pure embodiment of our soul essence. Having a clear vision of an ideal self helps us to recognize things in life that align us more with that high frequency version.

 Ultimately whether looked at from and individual or collective perspective this trend appears to be auguring a powerful new time in which we consciously release old pain, programs, and distortion that have informed our reality and embrace a more flowing, joyful, and expansive experience.

With deep love and gratitude 

Free to share as long as not altered. Please include link below.


Wisdom from the Collective

Sourced from Deep Trance-formation BQH sessions.

May 19 

In Inner Trance-Formations journeys (BQH) clients are guided into a deep conscious trance where they are able to access powerful wisdom and understanding that lies beyond their everyday awareness, often beyond the limitations of their human experience. While much of the information that comes through is personal in nature and relates to their own individual soul path, there is also often information that feels relevant to the collective. What is fascinating is that there are common themes that come through different sessions, with each client sharing similar information but from their own unique viewpoint.

Because I believe this information is extremely valuable and relevant to the collective I have decided to compile and share it.

 The Power of Allowing

I’m going to start with one client’s experience. She was observing a group of people who lived in a tropical paradise. She was awed by their joy and connection to their environment. When I asked her what the secret to their happiness was, she answered that it was because they take things as they are…they don’t feel the need to try and influence, control, or change things. They understood the impermanence of experience and were able to just allow things to unfold naturally. They didn’t perceive themselves as separate or above all that was around them. (I remember thinking of the parable about the Chinese farmer who would say “It’s not good luck, it’s not bad luck, it’s just the way things are.”)

Another client explored this similar theme through people who she had incarnated with in many lives. She observed how through different lifetimes they had alternated roles, sometimes playing the heroes and sometimes playing the villains in each other’s lives.

From her expanded state of awareness she could see that she vilified the darkness, while in truth it was all just love beneath the masks. “The fear of the darkness is much worse than the darkness itself!” she exclaimed. Fearing the darkness makes it solid and real…it creates a container that in truth holds nothing real or substantial. By loving freely without judgement, loving every part, not just the good parts, we become free.

This similar theme also came up very strongly in another client’s session. Her intention for her session was to experience the wholeness of her being and face her darkness. She found herself immediately experiencing a state that she described as infinitely expansive. She felt whole and free.

She described a wellspring of forms flowing…the space of creation, the ground of all being, she called it. There was a sense of stillness and peace that pervaded the experience. There were dark and light forms that emerged in the flow. She noticed how initially the dark forms frightened her because of her judgement that they were not good. But she quickly observed how this judgement energized the dark forms; and her fear made them solid; like mountains that the more she focused on, the more they grew. And, the more she feared, the more driven she was to want to change what was before her.

But in this expanded state she was able to see that she just needed to let go and not attach, not try to control or influence the flow of creation. When she moved into a state of allowing she was able to become the point of creation, the point of infinite expansion.

She could see that without the labels and judgement (dark/light, good/bad) it was all just the same stuff, the same energy, dancing in the most harmonious flow of perfection; the light and dark just unfolding in a gentle divine cascade.

From this space she was able to see that there was actually nothing to fear. There was a sense of harmony with all. There was no separation, yet each part was whole in itself. There was no need to do anything or be anything, except for a part of the unfolding beauty. The less one tried to judge or influence, the more beauty flowed undistorted. No need to convince anyone, no need to be a master or martyr, no need to play any role at all. All she needed to do was be her most authentic self. The divine beauty is there at heart, we just need to allow it to flow.

All these experiences point to the same important lesson: That our judgement creates fear, which energizes and distorts the very thing we fear, making it more real and solid. Then that which we have solidified with our fear becomes a problem that needs to be fixed. This need to fix creates challenge and eventually life becomes increasingly gruelling and distressing as our belief in the fear solidifies more darkness in our reality.

If instead we could cease judging, cease wanting to cling to the light and reject the dark, and learn to accept whatever enters our reality with serenity and equanimity, we would be returned to a state of grace.

This of course is challenging as our reality is so saturated with fear; so much darkness has become energized and become solid. There is so much presenting around us that our judgement will tell us needs to be controlled, managed, or suppressed. But what these higher aspects of ourselves are trying to remind us is that the key to lessening the darkness isn’t to fight it, it is to accept it, not with apathy or indifference, but with the fullness of our hearts. We need to go deeper, to find the fear, the wound that lies beneath, and LOVE that part back to its natural flowing (non-dense) nature.

As the energies continue to intensify I suspect we are going to see more contrast between the light and the dark. I feel this is likely why this message is coming through in so many ways… the next little while it will become more important than ever not to get caught up in the drama, or energetically dragged down by any old suppressed darkness that comes to the surface. The more we are able to maintain a space of expansive love without judgement the smoother this journey of returning to a state of grace will be.

With deep love and gratitude 

Free to share as long as not altered. Please include link below.


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