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Resilience Coaching

Be the best version of you

I believe we are here to learn and grow, and life’s challenges are opportunities that can push us to dig deeper and find our own personal gold

Are you wanting to make significant changes to how you are living your life?

Working with a coach can give you the support, motivation, and momentum you need to create a life that you love

supporting you to:

  • Move swiftly and  effectively towards embodying your human potential
  • Discover  more joy and fulfillment
  • Build resilience and develop your ability to thrive, even in the face of adversity
  • Take control of your life direction
  • Uncover and transform limiting beliefs
  • Identify goals and implement strategies for moving through blocks and barriers
  • Develop effective self-care routines
  • Learn how to remain balanced and centred when the pressure is on
  • Unlock deeper levels of motivation, passion and creativity
  • Enhance self-awareness and create a more fulfilling life


As a certified mental strength  coach my role is to support you to be the best version of yourself.

I will work with you to identify realistic and effective goals, solutions, strategies, and tools to help you to stay on track and move from where you are to where you want to be. 

I will be there to encourage you to dig deep and access the inner wisdom and power that lies within.

I will journey along side you and be there to help you to recognize, cultivate, and celebrate the vibrant being that you are.

Specialty Areas

I am happy to work on a wide range of life coaching focus areas. However, I believe that we coach best what we know well. When we have a deep understanding, based on personal experience, of the specific challenges individuals face, we are in the ideal position to offer assistance. To learn a bit more more about my own journey click here.

Some of my specialty areas include:

chronic illness/ health crisis/ stress/burnout

(Possible focus areas: overcoming fear, empowering perspectives, self-care, new career path, lifestyle changes)

Facing life’s challenges with a healthy mind and body can be difficult, but when an illness is added into the equation life’s challenges are likely  to feel overwhelming, and sometimes even insurmountable. A health crisis  inevitably brings about major lifestyle changes. Fears, frustrations, a sense of loss, and distress naturally surface when we face a devastating change that we feel we didn’t choose or want.

However, when we are able to muster up the courage to face ourselves head on, to examine our life in a deeper way, to connect with our inner wisdom and power, we will inevitably discover the gifts hidden within our circumstances. When we choose to take control of our life and work to develop tools, approaches and perspectives that allow us to access the deeper levels of our being, we will discover that regardless of our situation, we always have the power to live a life in alignment with our dreams.

sensitives/ empaths/ spiritual-awakening

(Possible focus areas: confidence, inner strength, boundaries, energy field management, grounding, enhanced soul connection)

According to experts like Elaine Aron Ph.D (author of The Highly Sensitive Person), twenty percent of people can be classified as highly sensitive, or empathic. Those of us who identify with these labels tend to feel more intensely than what is considered typical. When the world is geared towards the majority, who seem to have an innate ability to filter out the subtleties of being, moving through the world can feel frightening, and even debilitating.

However, by adopting practices and tools that help us to manage anxiety, increase our confidence, manage energy levels, and build resilience we can stop tip-toeing through the world and start living the deep and meaningful life we were meant to.

resilience coaching

Can help you to:

  • Set and achieve goals
  • Manage anxiety
  • Use visualization and imagery to improve your life
  • Increase and maintain your levels of motivation and confidence
  • Relax under pressure
  • Manage your energy levels
  • Use routines to be consistent in your daily activities
  • Face challenges with confidence
  • Manage and address conflicts with other people

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