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"I would recommend these sessions to anyone that is having issues with purpose, feeling stagnant or like there is something missing in life. Thanks again!" --Trent Lynwood  -more testimonials

christina Lavers, quantum healer

Christina Lavers

Certified life Coach and quantum healer dedicated to helping people live a more conscious, connected, and joyful life, regardless of circumstance

Create a life aligned with your heart and soul

Together we will create the perfect package for you

BQH A heart based modality

BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) hypnosis allows us to access information that is not usually available. In BQH sessions soothing hypnosis is used to bring the participant to a deep expanded state of consciousness in which ego, filters, and the analytic mind no longer dominate perception. In this lucid state a unique journey unfolds within the participant’s awareness.

As a practitioner I am continually blown away by the exquisite, creative ways a person’s higher self orchestrates these journeys. BQH hypnosis sessions lead people into experiences that allow them to shift blocks and limiting beliefs; to understand their life patterns, relationship dynamics, and their life purpose; and ultimately provides them with a powerful sense of clarity, assurance, and deeper self-awareness.

This powerful modality allows people to connect with sacred inner knowing, multidimensional realities, galactic heritage, past lives, future lives and parallel lives, or a multitude of other deep experiences that can offer profound personal insight, guidance, and healing.


We live in a world in which our hearts and souls are so often left out of the equation. This can leave us feeling like something important is missing from our lives.

I believe that our best self and highest soul expression is written into our DNA. The more we are able to be our true selves, the more we activate these high frequency codes and allow them to flow and inform our lives.

Each person's journey is completely unique. I will never tell you how you should live, instead I will support you to connect with and access your own inner guidance system.

Together we will implement gentle practices and achievable strategies that will assist you to shift from where you are to where you want to be.

I am happy to work on a wide range of life coaching focus areas. However, I believe that we coach best what we know well. When we have a deep understanding, based on personal experience, of the specific challenges individuals face, we are in the ideal position to offer assistance. To learn a bit more more about my own journey click here.

starseeds, empaths, spiritual awakening

starseeds/ empaths/ spiritual-awakening

Possible focus areas: confidence, self-love, inner strength, shadow work, boundaries, energy field management, grounding, life purpose, enhanced soul connection

chronic illness/ health crisis/ stress/burnout  

Possible focus areas: overcoming fear, empowering perspectives, self-love,  self-care, shadow work, new career path, lifestyle changes


Creativity: Flow and Inspiration

Possible focus areas:. The more we connect with our deep creative source and weave its magic into our personal world the more fun, vibrant and exciting our lives become.

supporting you to:

Move swiftly and  effectively towards embodying your human potential

Discover  more joy and fulfillment

Build resilience and develop your ability to thrive, even in the face of adversity

Integrate shadow aspects

Bring more flow into your life

Develop effective self-care routines

Learn how to remain balanced and centered when the pressure is on

Unlock deeper levels of motivation, passion and creativity

Enhance self-awareness and create a more fulfilling life

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